The Future of Work Is Remote

Imagine this – you’ve been working all day on your home computer, attending video conferences, and managing your team spread out over half of the country. Then, you step outside and are greeted by the beauty and quiet of nature. Sounds pretty great, right?

That is what life is like for remote workers here in Missouri.

As the world begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, companies from Facebook to Google are looking at remote work as a key to the future. Here in Missouri, companies are embracing remote work for their employees. For example, Square’s Missouri office, which recently announced plans to increase its workforce from 500 to 1,400 people, continues to see growth in the region and has announced long term work from home policies for its employees.

Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 56% of the U.S. workforce currently holds jobs that are compatible with long-term remote work. While remote working isn’t a luxury that is available to all workers, it could help solve some serious problems in the years ahead.

The emergence of online meeting tools like Zoom is prompting companies to conduct more business virtually, resulting in increased environmental benefits. Allowing workers to do their jobs from home would also remove a considerable chunk of the morning and evening rush hours, yielding even more benefits for the planet and relieving some of the pressure on infrastructure.

Increased trust in the workforce and the ability to work from anywhere would lead to people moving to more affordable places. Why would an employee working for a New York City or San Francisco company fork over the bulk of their paycheck to pay rent to do a job in an office which they are perfectly capable of doing from somewhere like Missouri?

And don’t just take our word for it. Business Insider recently named multiple Missouri cities on its list of the 30 best American cities to live in after the pandemic.

One of the biggest hurdles in the past for remote workers looking to escape big city rent for a more affordable, rural lifestyle, has been access to reliable internet. Missouri has taken steps to ensure this isn’t an issue. Recently, six Missouri broadband providers received $103 million to expand rural broadband from the USDA ReConnect Program, and Missouri Governor Mike Parson has made expanding access to rural broadband one of his top priorities.

Missouri also offers remote workers other major benefits with our central location and easy access to infrastructure. Being centrally located allows remote workers the benefit of working similar hours to both the east and west coast. No three-hour time difference here. Additionally, Missouri is home to two international airports, and our central location means you are within one day’s drive of 50% of the continental U.S., and most of the rest within two.

Another one of the biggest draws for remote workers in our state is access to nature. Missouri is home to a vast array of landscapes. From our northern plains, to the foothills of the Ozarks in the south, to the rolling banks of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, there is something for everyone in Missouri.

Think you are going to miss the weather and wines in California? Missouri will give you the beauty of all four seasons, along with a world-class wine industry. Missouri is a regular supplier of grapes to California wine makers and even saved the French wine industry in the 1800’s. Think you will miss the nightlife and sporting events in New York City? Missouri is home to Kansas City and St. Louis. Both cities have an abundance of attractions and championship sports teams. In fact, some have called Missouri “The State of Champions.”

As social distancing and remote work continues to be a major part of our lives moving forward, the ability of employees to work remotely will become a major factor for companies looking to hire. Missouri stands ready to offer employees all of the amenities they need to succeed; at a fraction of the price they would pay on the coasts. Combine that with our world-class quality of life and it is no wonder that Missouri is viewed as the place where innovation and nature meet right at your front door.

Take Northeast Missouri for example.

Northeast Missouri is a globally connected center of manufacturing and food production, within 500 miles of 80 million potential customers. Northeast Missouri’s business environment connects you to the global economy at a competitive price—in the heart of natural beauty and all four seasons.

Northeast Missouri is where fiber and nature connect and happily co-exist, empowering your lifestyle, your way, at your pace. Located in the heart of Mother Nature, the region has easy access to major metropolitan centers, while lakes, forests and our amazing outdoor economy is right outside your front door.

In fact, the Northeast Missouri region is redefining rural America with a modern approach to life, where 21st Century high-tech meets small town America. The region boasts a fast-paced business environment with a more relaxed lifestyle for those who value independence, opportunity, and nature.

It’s the perfect combination of high-tech, smart talent, productive workers, and an amazing outdoor experience. There’s wide open opportunity in Northeast Missouri.

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