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Best Place for International Companies to Invest in the U.S.

In Missouri, we welcome businesses from across the globe. With more than 700 international companies operating in our state, we understand what it takes to support your expansion into the U.S. It’s crucial for you to select a location in the market that puts you in the best strategic position for long-term success. Missouri has a diverse range of sites to choose from, several beneficial and competitive tax incentives, and a centralized location in the Midwest and in North America. It’s hard to think of a reason why Missouri wouldn’t work for your FDI business expansion or relocation.

International Companies

Every year, more and more foreign-owned companies looking to enter or expand into the U.S. market choose Missouri for their new location. Take a look at who’s already here, and find out how you can join some esteemed company.

International Connections

Interested in how our foreign-owned companies planted their roots in Missouri? Check out our database, complete with fact sheets on which countries invest in Missouri and what industries they represent.

International Offices

Missouri Partnership and the Missouri Department of Economic Development have worked together for years to represent our state and our businesses with offices worldwide.

Key Facts

Missouri Means Business

Whether you’re ready to make Missouri your next business investment destination or you’re just starting your search for business expansion or relocation, our team is here to help.

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