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Missouri is a leader in financial services with more than 130,000 people, or 5.5% of the workforce, employed in occupations related to financial services. Missouri is also home to more than 7% of the U.S. reinsurance industry employees. And reinsurance companies headquartered or with a presence in Missouri account for 30% of U.S. reinsurance industry revenues.

Financial Service Companies Invest in Missouri

We’re proud that our great state is home to the second-highest concentration of financial securities brokerage firms among major U.S. metropolitan areas. We’re also the only state that two different federal reserve banks call home. When you expand or relocate your business to the Show-Me state, some of your neighbors will include:

Missouri’s 50+ years of a AAA bond rating is representative of our solid financial acumen and stable financial foundations.

Talent and Innovation

Missouri is the perfect combination of innovation and talent. From FinTech accelerators and the innovation behind Block to nearly 40 colleges and universities offering bachelor’s degrees or higher in Finance, Financial Management, and Accounting, Missouri is one of the best locations possible to find the right talent for your financial services.

Plus Missouri One Start can deliver the customized workforce training your company needs to meet its talent needs.

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