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Safe and Secure

That is how Missouri keeps the data of companies. From solar-powered data centers to unique, highly-secure underground facilities, Missouri is finding new ways to store and protect the world’s data.

Speaking of Missouri’s unique underground facilities, what better place is there to safely store your company’s data? With consistent, year-round temperature and easily controlled humidity levels, free from exposure to outdoor elements, Missouri’s natural and man-made cave systems provide companies with a one-of-a-kind, highly secure environment with abundant room for future growth.

Missouri’s underground sites
(*data center-ready)

Affordability Means More Money in Your Pocket

Missouri’s cost-competitive business environment and access to fiber makes our state an attractive location for data centers. In Missouri, you will pay less for energy and talent, and our low taxes mean that business costs don’t eat up all your company’s profits. Missouri data centers benefit from the presence of a strong cluster of technology firms, fiber, suppliers, and educators throughout the state.

Data centers may also be eligible to receive exemptions from state and local sales taxes associated with a variety of activities necessary to build a new facility or expand an existing facility in Missouri. These sales tax exemptions could include utilities, machinery, equipment, computers (including equipment refresh) and construction materials and could last for up to 15 years for new facilities and up to 10 years for expanding facilities.

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