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Missouri’s central location allows you to reach more than 50% of the continental U.S. in less than one-day’s drive, and most of the rest within two. Our location in the center of the U.S. puts you within 600 miles of 135+ million potential customers.

With access to the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the two largest in the U.S., you can utilize waterways to move your products.

You can reach most of the US within 2 days drive from Missouri
Driving distance from Missouri
  • 552 million tons of product moved on Mississippi River annually
  • 5 million tons of product moved on Missouri River annually

Companies Are Making Missouri Their Home for Distribution Centers

21,000+ transportation & logistics companies are located in Missouri. They’re enjoying the benefits of our state being served by every Class 1 railroad in the nation, as well as our international airports that provide nonstop flights to 70 cities across North America. And they’re operating at a very affordable rate – Missouri has the 13th lowest effective tax rate on new distribution centers according to The Tax Foundation.

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Making the move might seem like a difficult proposition, but with the right resources on your team, it’s easier than ever to make the switch. Missouri Partnership excels at delivering the best possible options for top-to-bottom logistics management – we put your business in the best position to succeed right from the get-go. Start your move off right, and move to Missouri.

According to Site Selection Group, Kansas City and St. Louis were both among the top 25 metro areas for distribution centers in 2021.

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Dollar Tree
Kraft Heinz
Dollar General
Best Buy

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