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Are you tired of the high business taxes and red tape that goes along with doing business on the coasts? We thought so. According to CompTIA Cyberstates 2023, Missouri’s tech industry employs more than 153,000 or 5.1 percent of our private sector workers.

And that talent pool is growing. In Missouri, we’ve made it our mission to foster a tech talent pool that rivals any state in the U.S. With training programs like LaunchCode and Claim Academy, which are delivering tech talent at an accelerated rate for Missouri employers, and Apprenticeship Missouri (one of the most successful apprenticeship programs in the country), we work hard to keep more talent up-skilled so that more companies can move forward.

SmartAsset and Self Financial both ranked Kansas City and St. Louis as top cities for new college grads in 2021.

Financial Service Companies Invest in Missouri

We’re proud that our great state is home to the second-highest concentration of financial securities brokerage firms among major U.S. metropolitan areas. We’re also the only state that houses two different federal reserve banks. When you expand or relocate your business to the Show-Me state, some of your neighbors will include:

Missouri is a leader in financial services with more than 174,000 people, or 6% of the workforce, employed in financial services.

Look Who’s Already Here:

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