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Risk Reduction

Make Your Next Move a Success

A successful expansion or relocation is all about risk mitigation. There are so many factors in play; aligning everything you need while avoiding setbacks and roadblocks can seem like an impossible task, whether you’re a small business or a large organization. It all comes down to how well you plan ahead, and how prepared your support system is for the move. When you move to Missouri, we make it easier than ever to for your move to be as successful and seamless as possible. Don’t make it hard on yourself if you don’t have to—when you work with Missouri Partnership, we use proven risk reduction strategies designed to get the most out of your expansion or relocation.

First Class Support, Every Step of the Way

When it comes to the success of your business expansion, the level of care and consultation you’re provided means everything. In Missouri, we reduce your expansion risk through first-class support. We know that you can’t possibly know the lay of the land when you’re new to the area; that’s why all of our services are geared toward getting you the information, resources, and support you need. Our services include:

  • Custom-tailored site selection
  • Tax credit navigation and consultation
  • Introduction to pertinent figures, whether it’s local business owners, elected officials, or community members
  • Talent pool identification and analysis
  • Market navigation assistance, including access to actionable data you need to identify pain points, areas of growth, and more

Think of our team as your business expansion concierge service. We operate statewide, and are driven by a desire to integrate your business into our ever-expanding community. We know that every expansion or relocation presents a unique set of challenges—at Missouri Partnership, we’re here to help you navigate those potential pitfalls, no matter what.

Choose the Right Location For Your Business

The more closely you review every factor that plays a part in your move, the more prepared you’ll be for whatever may come your way. That’s why our team leaves no stone unturned—our comprehensive review process takes everything you need to know, and consolidates that information to help you mitigate risk. We analyze areas including:

  • Availability of utilities
  • Site access
  • Environmental concerns
  • Land use conformance
  • Site development costs
  • Certified site identification

Selecting a certified site reduces the risk associated with development of particular sites by providing upfront and consistent information. Additionally, Missouri’s 50+ years of a AAA bond rating is representative of our solid financial acumen and stable financial foundations. Get in touch with our team at Missouri Partnership today, and find out how we can help make your next business expansion or site search as simple, efficient, and low risk as possible.

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In Their Words

This move to Missouri is a well thought through strategy where all the benefits for all counterparts are optimized. The local authorities have been very easy to work with to help develop this project.

— Raimo Helasmäki / Nammo AS

This rebar micro-mill project is consistent with our long-term strategy for profitable growth and builds on our position as the low-cost producer. Strategically positioning this micro-mill in Sedalia will give us a sustained cost advantage over other domestic steel producers supplying rebar from outside the region.

— John Ferriola / Nucor

There are cost advantages to working out of Missouri. Corporate taxes, fuel taxes and property taxes are very low in the state. Utility costs among the lowest in the country.

— Hugh Gilmore / Integrated Wind Energy

For manufacturing, overall costs of labor, utilities, cost of land and buildings and the skilled labor pool, Missouri is one of the best values in the country.

— Patrick Leinert / Leinco Technologies

Today there are more financial services firms headquartered in St. Louis than in any other city in the U.S. besides New York. That’s okay. Good competitors make you better.

— Jim Weddle / Edward Jones

Springfield is so diversified and so entrepreneurial. There’s opportunity here, even in a down time. That tells you something about the resiliency of the people and the local economy.

— Jack Stack / SRC