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In Missouri, We Drive Innovation in Healthcare

Across the entire state, local companies with international pedigree are taking advantage of high-quality resources in Missouri to drive industry-wide changes for health innovation, data management and cutting-edge research. Companies like Cerner, Centene and Express Scripts are all bolstering our state’s reputation as a leader in human health.

Be On the Forefront Of Cutting-Edge Research

Several world-renowned research hospitals and innovation communities are performing industry-changing research right here in Missouri. Communities like the Cortex Innovation Community and the Missouri Innovation Center proudly host companies and research centers looking to pave the way in their respective fields.

  • 56,000 +
    in Missouri’s bioscience industry
  • 5,3000
    Bioscience establishments
    in Missouri

Join Us In Shaping the Future of Human Health

Pfizer’s site in Chesterfield, Missouri – about 500 employees in total – played a critical role in developing and manufacturing a key component of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. MRIGlobal in Kansas City has earned international recognition for its health research services supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, veterinary and agrochemical industries worldwide. 

The University of Missouri’s National Swine Resource and Research Center is the country’s only repository and distribution for swine models. They also house the only Rat Resource and Research Center and one of three Mouse Resource and Research Centers in the U.S.

The McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University (St. Louis), was one of the first three sites to begin full-scale human sequencing as part of the Human Genome project. Scientists there were the first in the world to decode the complete DNA sequence of a cancer patient. And Washington University recently announced the construction of a $616 million neuroscience building that will be the largest neuroscience research building in the U.S.

Look Who’s Already Here:

Catalent Pharma Solutions
Centene Corporation
Express Scripts
Mercy Health
Millipore Sigma

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