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You want to be where unmatched innovation is happening! It doesn’t matter what your business model looks like, or what products or services you offer – if you have a great idea and you’re passionate about growing your business in a community designed to foster that enthusiasm, you can’t go wrong in one of Missouri’s innovative and entrepreneurial communities. Our innovation centers cater to more than just small startups: whether you’re a major corporation looking to increase its presence in a high-quality market, or a medium-sized business looking to join a community of fellow movers and shakers, we can help you work alongside the best and brightest in your field.

Increased Collaboration Leads to Quality Innovation

Success in any industry is all about the company you keep. In Missouri’s many innovation communities, you’ll find the collaborative, forward-thinking spirit that small businesses and large corporations alike thrive on. Our job isn’t to take what you have at your existing site, and transplant it exactly as is to Missouri. At Missouri Partnership, our goal is to make sure that you have all the tools, resources, and information you need to succeed right here in Missouri. We will make sure you meet the people who will bring the innovation you are looking for.

Kit Bond Science & Technology Incubator in St. Joseph, Missouri

Innovation Communities, Districts and Centers in Missouri

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