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When it comes to site selection for your business expansion, there are so many important factors in play that it can make prioritization a complicated process. When you expand to the state of Missouri, you don’t have to pick and choose certain features and incentives at the expense of others. We offer everything you need to hit your future goals, all in one convenient location.

Centrally located in the Midwest, and in the center of North America, Missouri is a booming epicenter of commerce; you can send your goods or products anywhere they need to go via our international airports, extensive river barge, or any of the United States Class 1 railroads (all of them come here). Additionally, Missouri allows you to reach more than half of the continental US in less than a day’s drive, with most other states reachable in less than two. With a total of 33,873 highway miles in Missouri, you’ll be able to get where you need to, when you need to. Not keen on driving? You can fly nonstop to more than 70 destinations across North America from our two international airports or one of our many regional airports. A good location can mean everything, whether you’re a small business or a large organization. Make sure you’re reaching your target market today; you won’t find a better potential business expansion location for you to call home than right here in Missouri.


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Missouri is one day's drive to 50% of the US population

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The Midwest is more than just that region in the middle of the US with all the corn (although there’s definitely corn). It offers everything you could be possibly need to grow your business—booming with rural and metropolitan culture, Missouri benefits from being home to a broad variety of industry-leading companies across several sectors. We’re proud to be where so many businesses with both blue- and white-collar workforces have laid down their roots. All of our partners play an enormous role in making Missouri the best that it can be, and we can’t wait to have you join us, here in the Show-Me state.

Missouri has 3 Foreign Trade Zones

Foreign Trade Zones

Foreign Trade Zones

For a lot of businesses, the extent of your deals go far beyond the US border. For companies looking to engage in foreign trade, Missouri has three foreign trade zones spread throughout the state.

  • Greater Kansas City Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. FTZ #15
  • St. Louis County Port Authority, FTZ #102
  • City of Springfield, FTZ #225

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In Their Words

This rebar micro-mill project is consistent with our long-term strategy for profitable growth and builds on our position as the low-cost producer. Strategically positioning this micro-mill in Sedalia will give us a sustained cost advantage over other domestic steel producers supplying rebar from outside the region.

— Nucor / John Ferriola

This move to Missouri is a well thought through strategy where all the benefits for all counterparts are optimized. The local authorities have been very easy to work with to help develop this project.

— Nammo AS / Raimo Helasmäki

For a business like ours that ships coffee to a lot of places, it is important to be centrally located. There are many places we can get to quickly from Missouri.

— Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company / Tricia Zimmer Ferguson

One Call utilizes clinical oversight to help create better outcomes for employers and injured workers, so making sure we can hire and train candidates in Springfield who can provide this kind of specialized service was critical to our decision. Finding an available ‘plug and play’ building in Springfield meant we could fast track our new service center for our customers.

— One Call Care Management / Chris Watson

We export to Japan, China, France, Spain, Hungary, and Scotland. I have also shipped to South Africa, and I’ll be looking to start some work in New Zealand before too long.

— Cardwell Lumber / Leroy Cardwell

Kansas City is the ideal location for our punched grid manufacturing center of excellence given its proximity to key Exide customers and our existing manufacturing facilities as well as access to an experienced local workforce.

— Exide Technologies / Vic Koelsch