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Meet Our Team

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Missouri Partnership Operations

Subash Alias, CEO,

Ebby Neuner, Operations & Administration,

Business Recruitment Projects

Cathleen Flournoy, VP, Business Recruitment,

Deborah Price, Senior VP, Business Recruitment & General Counsel,

Cara Weber, VP, Business Recruitment,

Kim Gerlt, Director, Business Recruitment & Capacity Building,

Zach Hampton, Business Recruitment Associate,
Contact Zach for project updates.

Leah Hill, Director of Research,

Amy Monahan, Creative Manager,

Events and Consultant Missions

Erin Pettit, Events Manager,

Marketing, PR, and Social Media

Janelle Higgins, VP, Marketing & Communications,

McKenzie Stroot, Digital Content Strategist,

Business Development

Dennis Pruitt, CEcD, VP, Business Development,

Meet Our Expert

Subash Alias


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