Monthly Archives: July 2022

Missouri Certified Site: Montgomery City Industrial Park

Located in eastern Missouri, just to the west of St. Louis, the Montgomery City Industrial Park is home to 101 acres of land zoned for heavy industrial use, with 40 acres ... Read More

Missouri Company Designs Upgrades That Make NASA’s Deep Space Network, James Webb Images Possible

When NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope revealed its first public photos from deep in the center of the universe, it was big news. But did you know that a Missouri company ... Read More

Danforth Plant Science Center Launches First Company from New Startup Development Subsidiary

The Danforth Technology Co. (DTC), a subsidiary launched earlier this year by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to help create startups from its campus, recently established its first company. Peptyde ... Read More

Advanced Manufacturer Invests in Springfield, Missouri

Lippert Components Inc., an advanced manufacturer of marine furniture for watercraft, recently announced plans to invest in a second manufacturing facility in Springfield, Missouri. “Building a facility in Springfield allows us ... Read More

Missouri Set to Lead in Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Semiconductor Computer Chips

Missouri is committed to being a leader in innovation in bioscience, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing, and to fostering job growth and economic development throughout the state. That commitment was recently on ... Read More

Missouri Certified Site: Moberly Area Industrial Park

Located in central Missouri, the Moberly Area Industrial Park is a 278-acre rail-served certified site zoned for heavy industrial use. There is also 100 additional adjacent acres available. A certified site ... Read More

Missouri: An Ideal Location For Indian Companies

Missouri has a strong relationship with several Indian companies, and our connections to India continue to grow. We’re proud of the fact that more than 21,000 Missourians were born in India, ... Read More

CEO Insights: Four Trends That Need to Be Considered When Driving Regional Economic Development Initiatives

Missouri Partnership CEO, Subash Alias, recently published an article on Born2Invest that highlights the “Four Trends That Need to Be Considered When Driving Regional Economic Development Initiatives.” Check out the full ... Read More

CNBC Ranks Missouri Best in US For Low Business Costs

Missouri has been ranked the number one state in the nation for low business costs. That’s according to CNBC. The state also ranked 10th best in the nation for infrastructure. CNBC ... Read More

Waffle Manufacturer Invests in St. Louis, Missouri

Marson Foods, a waffle products manufacturer, recently announced plans to invest in a new facility in St. Louis, Missouri. “The St. Louis area and community has always had a special place ... Read More