Missouri Talent is Driving Innovation into the Future

Across the state, Missouri talent drives automotive manufacturing into the future with significant production from Ford and GM. In 2023 alone, Missouri produced more than 678,000 vehicles at the Ford and GM plants. 

Every Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana is made in Missouri. Many of the Ford Transit vans and more than 290,000 Ford F-150s are made here.

  • 19 %
    of all Fords are made in Missouri
  • 8 %
    of all GM vehicles are made in Missouri

In 2022, Ford began shipping the all-new E-Transit™, the electric version of America’s best-selling commercial van, from its plant in Kansas City, Missouri – the company’s first U.S. plant to assemble both batteries and all-electric vehicles in-house. Ford invested $100 million in the Kansas City Assembly Plant and added approximately 150 full-time jobs to produce E-Transit as part of its commitment to American manufacturing.

Ford is in good company, as Missouri is already home to a large base of energy companies, including EaglePicher, Enersys, Hubbell, Vest-Fiber, Watlow, 3M, Emerson Electric and Milbank Manufacturing.

9th Best State for Automotive Investment from 2018-2022
Source: Center For Automotive Research (CAR)

Missouri’s Talent is Electric

Missouri is home to highly-skilled talent that delivers significant production for Ford and GM and more than 130 automotive manufacturers and suppliers across the state. Every Class 1 railroad in the U.S. comes to Missouri, creating direct rail access to suppliers in Mexico and Canada and deep-water ports across North America. 

  • $ 7 B+
    in mobility exports
  • $ 4 B+
    invested since 2010

If you’re looking for hard-working and highly-skilled talent, look no further than Missouri. With more than 3 million educated workers, Missouri’s talent pool is deep, specialized and experienced in our state’s key growth areas including automotive mobility.

Knowledge centers for mobility in Missouri include:

  • Alliance for Collaborative Research in Alternative Fuels Technology (All-Craft)
  • Collaborative Autonomous Systems Laboratory
  • Center for Applied Science and Engineering (CASE)
  • Emerson Center for Engineering Manufacturing
  • EaglePicher’s Lithium Ion Center of Excellence

University of Missouri’s Mizzou Eco-Racing (formerly the Society for the Development of Alternative Energy) has a long list of accomplishments to its name. Before their pursuit to build hydrogen cars, the team built six solar cars, starting in the early nineties and into the first decade of the 2000s. 

Missouri’s Research Centers are Moving Forward

Missouri talent and Missouri’s research centers are leading the way in energy storage development. Our centers of excellence include:

  • The Advanced Energy Materials & Systems Lab at Missouri S&T
  • The Center for Research in Energy and Environment at Missouri S&T
  • EaglePicher Lithium Ion Center of Excellence in Joplin
  • Missouri Center for Advanced Power Systems (MOCAP) at Missouri Southern State University
  • Thomas J. O’Keefe Institute for Sustainable Supply of Strategic Minerals at Missouri S&T

Additionally, the Aerosol and Air Quality Research Laboratory at the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis has a Solar Energy and Energy Storage group. Washington University also has the world’s first and only Department of Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering.

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