International Investment

Governor Parson Talks Missouri’s Business Strengths with Japanese News Outlet, Nikkei Inc.

In an interview with Japanese news outlet Nikkei Inc., Missouri Governor Mike Parson discusses foreign investment and what Missouri can offer companies looking to expand into North America.  Parson highlights Missouri’s ... Read More

Missouri’s Award-Winning Relationship with Germany

As a member of the midwest chapter of the German American Chambers of Commerce, Missouri Partnership was recently honored with the Award of Excellence in Economic Development at the German American ... Read More

Missouri featured in Business Xpansion Journal

Did you know Kansas City is part of The Greater Kansas City Foreign Trade Zone (GKCFTZ), which handles more volume than the Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Minneapolis FTZs? The GKCFTZ was ... Read More

Five Leading Cities for FDI in Missouri

Missouri's economic appeal stems from its advantageous business climate and strong workforce paired with deep roots in agriculture, automotive, plant science, and advanced manufacturing. Its diverse range of industries receives substantial foreign investments. ... Read More

Missouri Welcomes International Companies

Missouri is an extremely pro-business state, with companies from across the globe operating in it. Foreign businesses are drawn to Missouri due to its low tax rates, affordable cost of doing ... Read More

Missouri Cities Ranks Among Best in US For Foreign Businesses

Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri, rank among the best cities in the U.S. for foreign businesses according to a joint ranking from Financial Times and Nikkei. Kansas City ranked 10th, ... Read More

The Times: St Louis out to prove that it’s everyone’s cup of tea

Recently, The Times of London reporter Callum Jones took an Amtrak trip across the USA. One of his stops was St. Louis, Missouri. The London Tea Merchant’s tea room, in the ... Read More

The Midwest Welcomes Investment From South Asia

India continues to be an important business partner both for the U.S. and Missouri.  High foreign exchange reserves, sustained direct investment, and rising export earnings all suggest there will be enough ... Read More

Missouri Extends A Warm Welcome to Japanese Companies

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world. It’s one of the most important trade and investment partners for the U.S., and Missouri in particular. In 2020, trade in goods and ... Read More

What makes Missouri the Global Hub for Agtech?

Missouri is the global leader in agtech. The state has more than 95,000 farms – the second highest number in the U.S. The Missouri Department of Agriculture says agriculture, forestry, and ... Read More