NPR’s Journeys of Discovery Visits Missouri Northeast – Episode 1

Missouri Northeast is a great place for companies that are looking to grow, make, move, or connect. But don’t just take our word for it, Tom Wilmer host of the six-time award winning NPR podcast Journeys of Discovery visited the region in November 2021, and saw for himself what the region has to offer.

In the first of the eleven-part series, Tom Wilmer was able to sit down with Missouri Partnership CMO, Mark Sutherland, during his visit to learn more about the work that goes in to attracting businesses to the region.

Tom Wilmer, Journeys of Discovery Podcast Host:

“Talk to us about an example of a recent homerun in attracting a business to relocate here and why.”

Mark Sutherland, CMO Missouri Partnership:

“Here in Missouri Northeast is a company called Swift Prepared Foods and they’ve invested in Missouri a couple times now in the last few years…Agriculture in Missouri is an $88 billion industry…They were looking for that distribution network and qualified workforce and ability to be successful and all that came together in Missouri Northeast.”

Check out the full conversation on the Journeys of Discovery podcast here, and stay tuned to Missouri Partnership for more coverage of Tom’s visit to Missouri Northeast.

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