Missouri Northeast: Doers, Innovators & The Smartest Cities in Rural America

Are you a business looking to expand, or relocate, to a new location in the U.S.? If so, you know how difficult it can be to find hard-working, highly educated talent right now. Fortunately for you, we know just where to find the talent that you are searching for.

Missouri Northeast is a region of doers, innovators, and home to some of the smartest cities in rural America.

Missouri Northeast has a highly talented and competitively priced labor force of more than 300,000. Its talent pipeline is fed by numerous 4-year public and private colleges and universities, multiple community colleges, and the Missouri One Start customized training program.

Founded 150 years ago, Truman State University, in Kirksville, Missouri, has the distinction of being Missouri’s only statewide liberal arts and sciences university. With more than 6,000 students, Truman offers its students a wide variety of professional and master’s level programs. The university has consistently been recognized among the nation’s best colleges and universities and for the past 21 years, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Truman as the No. 1 public university in the Midwest.

But Truman State is not the only world-class university that calls Missouri Northeast home. A.T. Still University was founded in Kirksville in 1892 and is the founding school of osteopathic medicine in the world. Osteopathic physicians are devoted to a holistic philosophy of medicine and are educated, tested, and licensed almost identically to those earning M.D.’s, however, they take an additional 200 hours in osteopathic manipulative medicine.

Area colleges, such as Hannibal-LaGrange University, are also churning out fresh talent in many of the region’s key industries. But it’s not just the area’s universities that are top notch, K-12 school districts across the region are rated “accredited with distinction in performance” by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Additionally, several regional educational facilities offer customized training programs to ensure a steady source of qualified workers for years to come.

And when it comes to business strengths, Missouri Northeast does not disappoint either. At just 4 percent, Missouri has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the U.S., and Missouri is ranked better than Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois in overall tax ranking, state sales tax rate, unemployment insurance tax, and property tax.

All of this adds up to one indisputable fact, Missouri Northeast has the talent that you are looking for, at a price that can’t be beat.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us. We would be glad to show you the one-of-a-kind assets that would make Missouri Northeast the perfect home for your next business expansion.

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