Redefining Rural in Missouri Northeast

Young woman with laptop standing on field in sunset and looking at tractor baling

When you hear the term “rural,” you may envision farms and long, open roads as far as the eye can see. While Missouri is proud of its agricultural heritage and logistics infrastructure, one region of the state is redefining rural.

Missouri Northeast stretches from just north of St. Louis to the Iowa state line, and from the Mississippi river in the East to Missouri’s central plains in the West. The region boasts a fast-paced business environment with a more relaxed lifestyle for those who value independence, opportunity, and nature.

Missouri Northeast is a region of doers, innovators, and home to some of the smartest cities in rural America.

Missouri Northeast has a highly talented and competitively priced labor force of more than 300,000. Its talent pipeline is fed by numerous 4-year public and private colleges and universities, multiple community colleges, and the Missouri One Start customized training program.

Missouri Northeast is an inclusive rural community with a diverse population, economy, and assets. It is the place where 21st Century high-tech meets small town America. In fact, Missouri Northeast is where fiber and nature connect and happily co-exist, empowering your lifestyle, your way, at your pace.

When it comes to business strengths, Missouri Northeast does not disappoint. At just 4 percent, Missouri has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the U.S., and Missouri is ranked better than Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois in overall tax ranking, state sales tax rate, unemployment insurance tax, and property tax.

Missouri Northeast boasts three Class 1 railroads, close proximity to three international airports, access to Mississippi River ports, and is located on the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway. That means Missouri Northeast is a globally connected center of manufacturing and food production that is within 500 miles of 80 million potential customers.

Missouri Northeast’s business environment connects companies to the global economy at a competitive price – in a location filled with natural beauty from all four seasons.

Located in the heart of Mother Nature, the Missouri Northeast region has easy access to major metropolitan centers, while lakes, rivers, forests, and its amazing outdoor economy is right outside your front door. The region boasts a high quality of life with a low price tag, where the cost of living is 19 percent below the national average and home prices are 35 percent below the national median.

So, the next time you hear the term “rural,” picture Missouri Northeast. A region full of diverse assets and people, high-tech infrastructure and natural beauty. Or better yet, get in touch with us. We would be glad to show you the one-of-a-kind assets that would make Missouri Northeast the perfect home for your next business expansion.

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