Missouri Recognized For Commitment to Workforce Development

Apprenticeship Week is shining a spotlight on states that are embracing this impactful way of training tomorrow’s workforce.

The shortage of skilled workers is effecting businesses nationwide – but one state is doubling down on its commitment to training people in high-demand industries. Missouri is ranked fourth in the U.S. for the most completed apprenticeships.

More than 3,230 people completed apprenticeships in Missouri last year, securing the state’s position as one of the top locations for apprenticeship programs. Missouri ranked 3rd in the country for the highest number of new apprentices, with 10,770+ registered in the state.

In 2020, the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced the start of a new statewide apprenticeship matching service that helps employers with registered apprenticeship programs find aspiring apprentices.

The matching service makes it easier for Missourians to take advantage of career opportunities that apprenticeships provide. It also enhances Missouri’s leadership role in using apprenticeships to help train the state’s workforce.

Missouri’s apprenticeship programs help businesses find high-quality job candidates and provide workers with good-paying jobs. For apprentices who finish their program in Missouri, 83 percent of them are still employed with the company that sponsored their apprenticeship twelve months after completion.

In addition to the state’s leadership role in apprenticeship programs, Missouri is also ranked 1st in the U.S. for on-the-job training.

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