Ostara Breaks Ground on New Facility in St. Louis, Missouri

Ostara St. Louis, Ltd., an agtech company, broke ground on a new Crystal Green® fertilizer production facility in St. Louis, Missouri. The new facility represents more than $17 million in capital investment and is expected to create 40 new jobs in the region.

“We’re excited to welcome another agtech company to Missouri, where agriculture remains our number one economic driver,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson, when the project was first announced in 2021. “Ostara’s investment in St. Louis will create more career opportunities for Missourians, build on its mission to help farmers improve crop yields across North America, and protect water and soil quality around the globe.”

Canadian-founded Ostara develops technologies that recover phosphorous and nitrogen from water treatment streams and produces eco-friendly fertilizer products. After a competitive site selection search, Ostara executives selected St. Louis due to its thriving and innovative agtech ecosystem, world class educational institutions and its central location.

Ostara plans to work with colleges and universities, businesses, and banks to grow roots and establish a presence in the region, creating the connections needed to build additional local plants in the future. The project was supported by Greater St. Louis, Inc., Missouri Partnership, St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, Ameren Missouri, Spire, Bruce Oakley, Inc. and Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA).

“Missouri is the global leader in agtech, and we are thrilled to welcome Ostara to the Missouri family,” said Subash Alias, CEO of Missouri Partnership. “Their innovation is a strategic addition to our robust agtech ecosystem, and we are delighted they will be creating 40 new jobs that will positively impact Missouri families.”

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