Missouri Provides Virtual Entertainment During COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s no secret that many of us are searching for ways to keep busy and stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Streaming services have provided countless hours of entertainment, but perhaps you’re running low on options to binge watch. If so, check out these free virtual experiences offered from various organizations, museums, and businesses in Missouri. We asked our team members to select their favorites. Here are our top picks:


Amy Monahan, Creative Manager
St. Louis Shakespeare Festival “Cymbeline” Stream
“I missed not getting to see Shakespeare in the Park this year, but this was a great performance. I loved the added musical numbers!”





Erin Pettit, Events Manager
Kansas City Zoo Videos and Animal Cam
“My oldest son is obsessed with watching animal videos. Getting to see different animals through the animal cam is a nice feature that we can enjoy at home. All my boys love it!”





Mark Sutherland, CMO
Worlds of Fun Virtual Rides
“I do miss hurtling through the air at crazy speeds and experiencing high-g turns on a rollercoaster. While not quite the same, taking a few minutes to virtually experience Worlds of Fun in Kansas City was a welcome escape back into normality. Next up, find some VR goggles.”





Dennis Pruitt, Vice President, Business Development
The National WWI Museum and Memorial Online Collections
“Two of the best museums in the WORLD are in Kansas City…this one and the Nelson Atkins. Their collection of photos is incredible and I recommend their online exhibition on food.”





Kylee Garretson, Director, Business Recruitment & Capacity Building
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Virtual
“The Nelson Atkins Museum hosts mini golf on their front lawn during the summer months – so much fun!”





Subash Alias, CEO
The History Museum on the Square Covid Memory Project
“While I am sure more people will write more letters, I really like this idea. Writing and sharing memories/letters during this time is literally writing history.”






Leah Hill, Director of Research
Missouri State Penitentiary Tour
“I’ve always wanted to tour the state penitentiary and now I can from the comfort of my own home!”





Raven Aldridge, Office Manager
St. Louis Chess Club Online Classes
“Both of my children have taken an interest in chess since learning to play with their grandfather. My son would especially love this.”





Stephen Votaw, Manager, Marketing & Communications
The Magic House at Home Series
“Growing up I always loved going to the Magic House. It is wonderful for teaching kids science while encouraging them to have fun.”





Janelle Higgins, Director, Marketing & Communications
Powell Gardens Virtual Classes
“These classes are full of great information! They make gardening simple. I’ve learned several tips and tricks and I think I might actually have a green thumb thanks to them.”





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