Missouri Ranked Among Best States for Business In 2020 by CEOs

Missouri has been ranked among the “Best States for Business in 2020,” by Chief Executive. The state moved up four spots from its 2019 ranking.

The rankings highlighted Missouri’s strengths in advanced manufacturing, agtech, financial services and distribution, and recent expansion announcements from Amazon, Bayer Crop Science, Briggs & Stratton, Bunge, Ford, Nucor Steel, Quaker Window Products and Square.

The rankings also included the perspective of business leaders who have invested in Missouri.

“Square is proud to be from St. Louis and thrilled to expand our presence here, where we’ve exceeded our growth expectations thanks to the wealth of local talent,” said Jim McKelvey, Co-founder of Square.

“Missouri is perfectly positioned at the intersection of the east-west and north-south shipping corridors,” said Dan Foust of BH North America. “We can ship products anywhere in the U.S. in a couple of days and eliminate a lot of waste in rent and taxes. This strategic location and cost savings will allow us to innovate, invest in our people and increase our competitiveness in the marketplace.”

“Strategically positioning this micro-mill in Sedalia will give us a sustained cost advantage over other domestic steel producers supplying rebar from outside the region,” said John Ferriola, CEO of Nucor.

Chief Executive magazine also highlighted Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s signing of Senate Bill 68 into law in July 2019, which included four key pieces of workforce and economic development legislation designed to meet employer needs.

Check out the full rankings here.

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