Missouri’s Robust Food Solutions Industry is Home to More Than You Might Think

Hungry to expand your customer base? Look no further than Missouri.

Missouri’s robust food solutions industry includes nearly 400 companies and almost 100,000 farms, with the capacity for many more, due to Missouri’s leading role in agricultural products including rice, soybeans, corn, sorghum, cattle, turkeys, and hogs.

In fact, Missouri’s agriculture industry generates $88 billion in sales and more than 378,000 jobs. Missouri gives companies in the food solutions industry rapid access to global markets, extensive distribution options, a friendly regulatory environment and access to a diverse customer base.

Home to 130+ wineries, in addition to 90+ breweries and 20+ distilleries, Missouri’s alcohol industry has entered a new golden age. Most people know about Missouri-based Anheuser-Busch, which almost ten years after its acquisition by InBev remains a force as a world leader in brewing, but many people don’t know Missouri is becoming known for its craft beer production as well. Missouri companies like Boulevard Brewing Co., Urban ChestnutMother’s Brewing Company and more are producing hundreds of thousands of barrels of craft beer each year.

It’s not just humans that benefit from Missouri’s leadership in food solutions either. More than half of the world’s animal health industry is represented in the Kansas City, Missouri region, and pet food companies with their North American headquarters in Missouri generate nearly $30 billion in revenue each year.

So, the next time your company is hungry for an expansion, check out Missouri. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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