Missouri Is THE Center Of Innovation

Missouri is THE center of innovation.

The UMKC Innovation Center in Kansas City, Missouri Innovation Center in Columbia, and the Cortex Innovation Community in St. Louis are just some of the nearly two-dozen innovation communities spread across the state that are developing the latest innovations within our core industries. And it’s not just startups. Major corporations have significant presence within these districts as they collaborate with the best and the brightest to take our state into the future.

Companies like Square, founded by St. Louis natives Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey, Microsoft, and Boeing have all opened offices in Missouri’s innovation communities, and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) singled out the Cortex Innovation Community in St. Louis as a key reason they chose the city as the site for their new NGA West headquarters.

And the innovation community in Missouri is not done growing yet. It was recently announced that 39 North, a new agtech innovation district, would be “planting roots” near St. Louis, taking full advantage of Missouri’s long history in agriculture.

Additionally, Missouri offers some of the lowest business costs in the country, and our strategic location at the center of North America makes getting products to customers faster than ever anywhere in the world.

So if you are looking to expand check out Missouri’s world-class innovation communities and see some of the amazing things that take place there every day.

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