Inc.: Missouri Is A Great Place To Grow Your Business

Missouri is a great place for business, according to the article “5 Reasons a Move to the Midwest Might Be Good for Your Business” on And Missouri’s global agtech leadership is a key reason.

“The future of farming looks bright,” Rahul Varshneya writes in Inc. “Businesses large and small are investing in agtech solutions to tackle the challenge of feeding a crowded planet, and advancements in everything from drone technology to biofuels are making the space increasingly exciting to work in.”

“This growth in the agtech sector has revitalized economic prospects in the Midwest. The allure of cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis continues to draw people from all over the world to the region. The latter is experiencing a level of growth not seen since the 1920s. But the cultural and architectural rebirth of two other important anchor cities — St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri — has also contributed to the region’s revitalized economic prospects. These cities and the rest of the Midwest are at the epicenter of the booming agtech industry, which has attracted nearly $8 billion in venture capital over the past two years.”

“The Midwest has become a magnet for agricultural organizations around the world searching for a place rich with talent, innovation, and potential revenue,” Steve Johnson, CEO of Missouri Partnership, is quoted as saying.

The author agrees, writing, “His optimism is well-founded — and that growth will occur throughout the region.”

You can read the full Inc. article here. Or check out our article on Missouri’s growing hub of millennial workers and information on why Missouri is the global agtech leader.

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