Bridging the Talent Gap with a Radical Approach to Recruiting

Have you noticed that recent graduates don’t seem to have the skills required for your open positions? It’s not just your company; it’s plaguing employers across the nation.

Steve Johnson, CEO, Missouri Partnership, discussed this skills gap in an article on

“The steady decline in the United States’ unemployment rate since 2008 has been good news for workers but more troubling for employers,” said Johnson. “The rate currently hovers at about 5%, but a ManpowerGroup survey revealed that as many as 46% of employers are struggling to find the talent they require.”

“Unfortunately, recent graduates sometimes don’t appear to be particularly good fits for the roles most in demand. Although 87% of college graduates feel prepared to enter the workforce, only about 50% of hiring managers agree that they possess the skills necessary to thrive.”

Steve Johnson, CEO, Missouri Partnership

Johnson goes on to suggest numerous recruiting strategies employers can use to bridge the current talent gap.

You can read Steve’s full article on here.

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