CEOWORLD: Why Site Location Advisors Can Be a Company’s Best Friend

Companies exploring expansion into new markets and those considering total relocation today encounter a fire hose of data coming at them with full force. When combined with the complexity of issues in play and consequences of a wrong decision, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Missouri Partnership CEO Steve Johnson discussed the challenges companies face when looking to expand in CEOWORLD this week, and how site selection advisors can often be a company’s best friend.

“Issues including supply chain logistics, cost and reliability of energy supplies, access to talent, and tax and regulatory frameworks all impact growth and can mean the difference between success or failure — and have undone more than a few careers. In times like these, professional site selection advisors can be a company’s best friend,” wrote Johnson.

Steve Johnson, CEO, Missouri Partnership

“Every day, our team works with companies evaluating whether to expand into Missouri. I’ve seen companies try to handle the process in-house and encounter waves of unforeseen and unwanted circumstances,” said Johnson. “Experienced location advisors can help companies avoid these pitfalls because they’ve seen it countless times before.”

But how can you make sure you are getting the most from your location advisor? Johnson provides three key insights for companies looking to hire a site selection professional.

Read Steve’s full article on CEOWORLD here.

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