Missouri In 2017: A Year Of Change, A Year Of Growth

Missouri, the U.S. and the world have seen a lot of change this year. Missouri swore in a new governor, the U.S. swore in a new president, and important votes took place around the globe that impacted key U.S. trading partners.

Missouri’s new governor, former Navy Seal Eric Greitens, wasted no time in getting down to work on his economic development goals once he was sworn in January of this year. Right-to-work legislation quickly arrived on his desk for signing, followed by tort reform, and a balanced budget. Teams were formed to evaluate taxes, incentives, the size of government and regulations. An initiative to put broadband access in every school in the state was launched, and a special session took place to ensure Missouri energy prices can be competitive when businesses are considering investing in the state.

These are just a few of the changes Missouri has seen to start off the year, and which have led to record growth in the state.

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