Health Innovation Company Unveils Multimillion Dollar Expanded Lab Space


Express Scripts, a health innovation company, recently unveiled a multimillion-dollar renovation and expansion to its innovation lab in St. Louis, Missouri. “The Lab,” as it is known, is a collaborative research space to develop better outcomes in health and patient care.

“Over the course of the last nine years, we have expanded the physical space as well as the talent that resides in The Lab,” said Mark Bini, Vice President of Innovation and Member Experience at Express Scripts. “This is the new investment in our lab, in our patients, in our clients and in the St. Louis community. The thing that makes this particular iteration of our lab special is how we’re bringing together technology and our talent to solve health care’s toughest challenges.”

The latest updates to the research lab include two new spaces that are “completely reimagined and reinvigorated.” One of the spaces, The Voice of the Customer Command Center, brings together experts to utilize technology that could possibly lead to new and improved health care approaches.

“The reason why we built this hub is because it allows us to use technology – machine learning, AI, other aspects of our capabilities – to use data to create insights that ultimately inform our strategies as well as the decisions our clients make and our patients make when using our tools,” said Bini.

The second new location, called the Rapid Prototyping and Health Care Immersion space, allows clients to understand what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a patient who is living with a chronic condition, and aims to foster collaboration with partners on how to improve patient experiences.

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