Health Innovation Company Relocates HQ To St. Louis, Missouri

Pathways Health and Community Support, LLC, a health innovation company providing outcome-based behavioral and mental health services, announced plans to relocate their headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri.

“Relocating Pathways’ senior executives to St. Louis allows us to be part of a leading health sciences and services community and to tap into St. Louis’ exciting entrepreneurial climate,” said Cyrus Nikou, Founder and Managing Partner at Atar Capital, the global private investment firm that owns Pathways.

Founded in 1997, Pathways is one of the nation’s largest providers of community-based behavioral and social services. The company provides direct services and case management for youth and adult clients, as well as individuals supervised by government subsidized programs.

“Pathways’ investment and job creation adds to St. Louis’ leadership status in the healthcare industry,” said Subash Alias, Missouri Partnership CEO.

AllianceSTL, the Missouri Department of Economic Development, and Missouri Partnership were part of a collaborative regional and state effort to bring Pathways’ corporate office to St. Louis.

“We are thrilled that Pathways is relocating to the St. Louis region,” said AllianceSTL President and CEO, Steve Johnson.

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