Bioscience Hub Grows in Missouri’s Cortex Innovation Community

BioSTL, a St. Louis-based bioscience booster, is expanding into the rehabbed former Post-Dispatch printing plant building in the Cortex innovation community. The building is being transformed into a focal point for the St. Louis bioscience industry.

“It’s part of my vision that when a guest to St. Louis comes for a meeting in the biosciences, they will be exposed to not just one company or one entrepreneur, but see an entire community of entrepreneurs — a beehive of startup activity,” said BioSTL President and CEO Donn Rubin.

BioSTL’s new building will bring together its employees and the BioGenerator Labs, which have operated in Cortex for years. The roughly 60 startups that BioSTL’s investment arm supports will make the move as well.

“This building is allowing our startup engine to grow,” Rubin said. “Which means we’re going to create even more startups that are going to demand more affordable laboratory space if we want to keep them in this district, if we want to keep them in St. Louis.”

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