Five Leading Cities for FDI in Missouri

While St. Louis and Kansas City top Investment Monitor’s list of Leading Missouri Cities for FDI, other communities in Missouri are becoming new investment destinations for international companies, including Columbia, Troy, and Sedalia.

Missouri’s economic appeal stems from its advantageous business climate and strong workforce paired with deep roots in agriculture, automotive, plant science, and advanced manufacturing. Its diverse range of industries receives substantial foreign investments. More than 700 companies from 23 countries have invested in Missouri across 22 industry segments.

These favorable and diverse foreign investments have caught the attention of companies that want to take advantage of the already thriving economy in the region.

St. Louis has become a hub for agtech and plant science. The city’s 39 North innovation district houses several prominent institutions and companies, including Bayer Crop Science, the Yield Lab, and Benson Hill. St. Louis has a strong pool of plant science talent, boasting the largest density of PhD plant scientists in the world, according to Benson Hill’s CEO, Matt Crisp. The presence of leading institutions and companies has made St. Louis an attractive destination for global headquarters across various sectors

Kansas City houses the two largest FTZs in the United States, along with five dedicated manufacturing zones and nine general-purpose FTZ sites. The presence of these FTZs enhances the region’s trade capabilities, attracting businesses involved in manufacturing, processing, and distribution. The Kansas City region benefits from its strategic trade infrastructure, fostering economic growth and supporting a diverse range of industries.

This article, published in Investment Monitor, dives deep into Missouri’s most popular cities for FDI and includes a free whitepaper for your review.

Highlights include Missouri’s lower labor costs and taxes paired with strong industry shares in agriculture, electronics, automotive, and beverage.

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