Governor Parson Talks Missouri’s Business Strengths with Japanese News Outlet, Nikkei Inc.

In an interview with Japanese news outlet Nikkei Inc., Missouri Governor Mike Parson discusses foreign investment and what Missouri can offer companies looking to expand into North America. 

Parson highlights Missouri’s excellent strategic location and logistical assets, as well as the state’s workforce and stable business environment as key reasons Missouri is a great place to grow a business in the United States. He also mentions one of his goals as Governor has been to leverage Missouri’s central location and status as a quality transportation hub by improving rail, water, and highway infrastructure. He gives examples of many of these efforts that are complete or underway. 

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There are currently 70 Japanese companies with a presence in Missouri including Daikin, Kawasaki, and Panasonic, as well as 14 Missouri companies with operations in Japan such as Belden, Enterprise Holdings, Baldwin, and more. These investments create jobs and opportunities to build stronger Missouri and Japanese communities.

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