Advanced Manufacturers Announce Joint Investment in Missouri Northeast

Doyle Equipment Manufacturing and Riverview Manufacturing, worldwide leaders in manufacturing dry fertilizer handling equipment, recently announced a new, joint investment in Palmyra, Missouri. The joint expansion represents $1 million in capital investment and is expected to create 30 new jobs in the region.

“Our state’s positive business climate continues to attract significant investment from leading manufacturers like Doyle Manufacturing and Riverview Manufacturing,” said Governor Mike Parson. “By focusing on keeping costs low, strengthening our workforce, and investing in infrastructure, we’re helping create quality jobs. The success of these two companies is great news for our state and Missourians in Palmyra and beyond.”

Doyle and Riverview’s project will add 80,000 square feet of production space to accommodate significant growth since moving Doyle’s operations to Missouri. It will also allow Riverview, a manufacturer of Doyle equipment and parts, to meet increased product demand.

“By increasing manufacturing space for our Tender Product Lines and Automated Blending Systems, we will be creating new jobs in Marion County,” said Doyle Enterprises President Monty Doyle. “That means more people who will stop at local gas stations going to and from work, eat in local restaurants over lunch breaks, and shop at local stores when heading home. We have also seen more and more Illinois employees moving into Marion County.”

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