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Missouri has 273,163 people employed in manufacturing, more than most surrounding states

Manufacturing Workforce in Missouri, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics, 2018

A Top Manufacturing Location in North America

If your business is operating in an environment that’s not conducive to high performance, isn’t it about time that you made a change and expanded to a top manufacturing location in North America? When you expand or relocate your manufacturing company to Missouri, you’re giving your business the best chance of success in the center of North America. Advanced manufacturing is when cutting-edge automation, innovation, and seamless process management combine to produce high-quality products, increasing value and reducing time to market. Missouri is home to companies that operate using advanced manufacturing techniques; when supported by a state that emphasizes cost-competitive, pro-business tactics, it’s not hard to see why so many choose to come here. Missouri offers several incentives and benefits that help manufacturing companies flourish, including:


Missouri's top advanced manufacturing employment sectors are aerospace, plastics, architectural metals, HVAC and refrigeration, motor vehicle parts, and motor vehicles

Missouri’s advanced manufacturing employment (Source: BLS, 2018 annual)

From Aerospace to Automotive, Missouri Is A Global Leader

With exports totaling more than $7.3 billion, Missouri is a world leader in advanced manufacturing. Products built in Missouri reach more than 210 countries every year and pave the way for companies like yours to build a foundation here and reach a global audience. Our rich history in aviation, specifically military aviation, has helped make Missouri one of the top aerospace manufacturing providers in a country that’s already at the forefront of new technology. From Charles Lindbergh, to the space program, to modern aerospace technology from Boeing, we’ve been leading the way for nearly a century.

Today, more than 16,000 of Missouri’s highly trained workforce builds the F/A-18, EA-18, F-15 and T-7 Trainer fighter jets, along with the new unmanned MQ-25 refueling drone, at Boeing’s Defense, Space and Security facilities, along with a huge array of military ordinance. Statewide, Missouri is home to 100 aerospace manufacturing companies. In 2019 alone, Missouri produced more than 770,000 vehicles at the Ford and GM plants, advanced military jets for the US and allied militaries, and much more.

Across the state, Missouri talent drives automotive manufacturing into the future with significant production from Ford and GM. Missouri’s automotive manufacturing plants are strategically located on the North American Automotive Alley that stretches from Toronto to Mexico City, and Missouri’s Kansas City area is the second largest automotive trade hub behind Detroit, according to Brookings.


Educate Your Workforce in Missouri

Missouri is not just a top manufacturing location but we also understand that a well-educated and trained workforce is essential to success. As a result, the Show-Me state offers traditional and non-traditional training options for workers and companies that allow employers to recruit a workforce that is customized to fit their needs. And in 2019, Missouri leapt ahead of the competition with free community college, customized training programs through Missouri One Start, and various other workforce solutions that can deliver the talent you need on day one.


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And look who’s already here:

Arnold Defense Boeing Defense Space and Security Emerson Ford GMNucor PAS Technologies Sabreliner Aviation YanfengCertainTeed Saint-GobainHartmann


BOEING is a trademark of Boeing Management Company. Copyright © 2009 Boeing. All rights reserved.


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In Their Words

Our meetings with representatives of Missouri and Gov. Greitens demonstrated that they are business-friendly and understand what we need as a company to be successful.

— American Outdoor Brands / James Debney

We would find it difficult to replace the work force, many of whom are very technically skilled people. Missouri is good for Leggett & Platt, because of people, resources, economic incentives, and low tax burden.

— Leggett & Platt / Dave Haffner

Central location has been key to Bodine’s can get anywhere from Missouri, pretty much in any direction.

— Bodine Aluminum / Bob Lloyd

For manufacturing, overall costs of labor, utilities, cost of land and buildings and the skilled labor pool, Missouri is one of the best values in the country.

— Leinco Technologies / Patrick Leinert

Springfield is so diversified and so entrepreneurial. There’s opportunity here, even in a down time. That tells you something about the resiliency of the people and the local economy.

— SRC / Jack Stack

Our staff understands glass science and technology. This is a company that grew out of the research and talent being incubated at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla.

— Mo-Sci Corporation / Ted Day

The central location with improved transportation access from the I-44 corridor and intermodal rail connections in St. Louis and Kansas City will allow us to quickly connect with our customers across the country. Here, we have found an excellent regional manufacturing workforce and a competitive business climate overall, which factored into the final decision to locate to Rolla.

— Hartmann North America / Gerry Lavis

This rebar micro-mill project is consistent with our long-term strategy for profitable growth and builds on our position as the low-cost producer. Strategically positioning this micro-mill in Sedalia will give us a sustained cost advantage over other domestic steel producers supplying rebar from outside the region.

— Nucor / John Ferriola

Kansas City is the ideal location for our punched grid manufacturing center of excellence given its proximity to key Exide customers and our existing manufacturing facilities as well as access to an experienced local workforce.

— Exide Technologies / Vic Koelsch

The new production facility in Joplin will drastically scale up production to several thousand batteries per month, enabling us to keep pace with growing demand while also refining manufacturing processes and accelerating development efforts. The end result will be a turnkey engineering package we can deliver to manufacturers with customer demand already built into the equation.

— ZAF Energy Systems Inc. / Randy Moore

Faurecia is proud to open this new site and to provide new opportunities for local jobseekers. Kansas City Metro and the Blue Springs area are known for being a source of excellence in American manufacturing and we’re looking forward to building on that expertise and skill set as we continue to provide the very best to our customers.

— Faurecia Interiors / Donald Hampton, Jr.