Advanced Manufacturer Expands in Sedalia, Missouri

Maxion Wheels, the world’s largest wheel manufacturer, recently announced plans to grow its presence in Sedalia, Missouri. The expansion is expected to create 60 new jobs in the region.

“The Maxion Wheels Sedalia plant is very excited to add three new and diverse wheel programs to its portfolio,” said Scott Woolery, Sedalia Plant Manager, Maxion Wheels. “It’s been a few years since the plant received such an influx of new business; truly a reflection of how competitive we are, and how steel is growing as a wheel solution for the dynamic changes taking place in mobility and transportation.”

Maxion Wheels established the light vehicle steel wheels plant in 1978 in Sedalia, Missouri. Today, it employs more than 225 employees responsible for building almost four million wheels a year for a variety of customers, including Ford and General Motors.

“With the new programs, we are adding electric vehicle wheels, military wheels, and wheels for the light trailer towables market,” said Woolery. “The team is very proud to earn the new business, and welcomes the opportunity to share in its good fortune with available local talent.”

Whether it’s Ford’s award winning F-150’s and Transit vans, or the more than $1 billion investment by GM in Wentzville, Missouri – our state is a world leader in automotive manufacturing and talent.

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