The Bright Light at the End of the COVID Tunnel is Missouri

Missouri Partnership CEO, Subash Alias, talks about the bright future in Missouri as we celebrate winning our largest business recruitment project in our organization’s history. 

It’s been a long few months. COVID-19 turned our world upside down, leaving many of us in economic development wondering what the future will look like. Will companies proceed with expansion plans? How will Missouri continue to win projects when there is a crowd full of states desperate for new investment? How can we make sure Missouri’s value proposition to companies is still heard amongst all the noise of states clamoring for new jobs? There have been so many questions. But lately, it’s become quite clear that companies are ready to rebound and expand, and they want to do it in Missouri.

Companies ARE moving forward with expansion plans. Case in point: Accenture Federal Services just announced plans to expand to St. Louis, Missouri. They’re creating 1,400 new tech jobs in the region. Yes, you read that correctly. 1,400 new, high-paying tech jobs are coming to Missouri. This is the single largest business recruitment win in terms of jobs and payroll in our organization’s history.

I am humbled that we are celebrating this incredible victory in the middle of a pandemic. I think it speaks volumes about our state. Missouri has a solid foundation in place with extensive workforce development strategies, world-class universities and research facilities, and some of the lowest taxes in the country. Our business-friendly climate positions us to rise to the top of a company’s list as executives explore new locations for their businesses.

But how do we ensure Missouri stands out as we compete for new investment? I’d suggest that the state’s assets speak for themselves, and our job is to tell the world about them. We know what we’re good at: advanced manufacturing, financial and professional services, and agtech, to name just a few of our growing industries. Companies in these sectors are thriving across the state. For example, advanced manufacturer Tyler Pipe Company in Southwest Missouri just announced plans to expand its Missouri operation, adding 75 new jobs. USDA relocated two of its key agencies’ HQ to Kansas City at the end of last year. Plumrose USA announced plans in February to open a new bacon facility in Moberly, Missouri. Tech giant Square has expanded its Missouri team several times since moving to St. Louis in 2015. Success stories like these make it extremely clear that Missouri is a top state for business across a slew of industries.

After spending the past few months thinking a lot about the unknowns of the future, it’s refreshing to take a step back and celebrate. Missouri is a business destination. Missouri is a place where companies want to be. Companies are confident in us, leading them to invest and grow here. The future looks bright for our state as we navigate the dark COVID tunnel, and our organization is so honored to be a small part of it.