State of Missouri Inspires New Line of Ice Cream

This year marks Missouri’s 200th birthday! In honor of the state’s bicentennial, a Missouri creamery is releasing a “Missouri Pride” line of ice cream flavors that includes ingredients from across the state.

Clementine’s Creamery has five ice cream shops throughout the St. Louis region. The wildly popular creamery is celebrating its home state’s 200th birthday with a new line of flavors. The line, named Missouri Pride, includes four flavors. It celebrates the rich history of Missouri and incorporates the finest ingredients from across the state. Here’s the scoop on the delicious flavors…..

Missouri Mud incorporates chunks of The Candy Factory’s (Columbia, MO) house-made Peanut Butter Indulgence, and salty dark chocolate cordials from Christopher Elbow (Kansas City, MO), mixed in its dairy base with rich Askinosie (Springfield, MO) single origin Davao Cocoa powder.

Vegan Vanilla Bean uses the best, high-quality vanilla extract available from Lochhead Brothers (Fenton, Missouri). Lochhead’s vanilla beans are hand-picked, vine ripened, slowly percolated and cold-pressed. Knowing their process ensured the deep aromatics of this flavor, which is mixed in Clementine’s non-dairy coconut base with sea salt and vanilla specks.

Bee the Change uses house-made Molasses honeycomb candy with sea salt, cactus honey, and vanilla incorporated into Clementine’s rich dairy base.

For those 21 and older, Rieger’s Old Fashioned is a boozy flavor inspired by the classic cocktail using Rieger’s Whiskey (Kansas City, MO) and Angostura bitters in Clementine’s dairy base with orange juice, tart cherry juice and sugar.

Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery is in good company in Missouri. The state is home to more than 400 companies in the food industry, including powerhouses such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, General Mills, and Tyson Foods.

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