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Hungry To Expand Your Customer Base? Choose Missouri

Missouri plays a leading role in agricultural production and food manufacturing around the world. With ample supplies of rice, soybeans, corn, sorghum, and livestock including cattle, turkeys, and hogs, the Show-Me state is in the best position possible to help a company succeed in the food and beverage industry. Our robust production is the result of nearly 400 companies and nearly 100,000 farms excelling at what they do, due in large part to the vast amount of natural resources at their disposal. With more than $88 billion in annual agricultural revenue, the 378,000-strong workforce in the food production, food manufacturing, and beverage sectors have positioned themselves as global leaders, setting the tone for other regions to follow.

130+ Wineries, 20+ Distilleries, 90+ Breweries

World-Class Quality, Right Here in the Midwest

Missouri is home to 130+ wineries, 90+ breweries, 20+ distilleries, not to mention the renowned Anheuser-Busch family of beers. That means that in addition to having concrete proof that similar companies can succeed here, your employees will never run out of fun activities to indulge in after work and on the weekends. In addition to having great locations to spend time, Missouri gives your company immediate access to global markets, extensive distribution options, a friendly regulatory environment, and access to a diverse customer base. Even if your customer base is a little more furry, it’s a great location to expand for pet food companies as well: pet food businesses with North American headquarters in Missouri generate nearly $30 billion in revenue every year.



Why Missouri Food Manufacturing Reaches the World

There are few places that can truly offer everything you need for success. Whether that’s increasing revenue for your business, keeping your personnel satisfied and offering them a healthy work-life balance, or having access to food manufacturing industry-relevant markets and partners, Missouri can deliver as promised. Our state takes the times to understand exactly what transplant and expanding businesses need to succeed so that the environment we help them acclimate to is ultimately one that’s conducive to their long-term success and production goals. You shouldn’t have to plug a square peg into a round hole and hope for the best—when you invest here, we can help you feel right at home as soon as possible.


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In Their Words

The decision to build our second milk plant in Columbia culminates several years of research and diligence to determine the optimal location for a new processing operation. Columbia was the best choice because it offers a location that expands and improves the efficiency of our total supply chain, from organic feed, to milk, to consumer. Central Missouri also offers a great workforce and attractive access to major interstate highways. We are excited to break ground on our new facility later this spring.

— Aurora Organic Dairy / Marc Peperzak

Our supply chain and manufacturing facilities are also located in the Midwest. Housing our corporate offices in St. Louis will allow Solid Gold Pet to centralize our support for our customers and vendors, which means increased efficiency and productivity.

— Solid Gold Pet / Bob Rubin

We initially considered Springfield based on its proximity to our farms and infrastructure, but we’ve come to appreciate and embrace the community’s talented workforce, diligent coordination and authentic partnership. The people of Springfield are truly exceptional.

— Vital Farms / Russell Diez-Canseco

For a business like ours that ships coffee to a lot of places, it is important to be centrally located. There are many places we can get to quickly from Missouri.

— Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company / Tricia Zimmer Ferguson

The work ethic here is really good. People come in and work hard. They’re used to working hard before we hire them.

— Jack Henry & Associates / Jack Prim

I've lived in a lot of places, and there is a difference here in how people conduct themselves. There is a strong work ethic and friendliness that I haven't found elsewhere.

— Triumph Pharmaceuticals / Dr. Susanne Cohen