Missouri’s Unemployment Rate Drops – Economic Recovery in Full Swing

Unemployment numbers released this month show that Missouri’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan is working. The state’s unemployment rate is more than 3% lower than the federal unemployment rate of 10.2% – sitting at 6.9% in July.

Missouri’s economic resurgence is leading the way with thousands of new jobs in the state in recent months. From Accenture Federal Service’s new investment adding 1,400 high-paying tech jobs in St. Louis, to online pet product supplier Chewy’s new fulfillment center near Kansas City adding 1,200 new jobs, Missouri’s recovery plan has momentum and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Show Me Strong Recovery Plan’s success shines a spotlight on the state’s friendly business climate. With one of the lowest corporate income tax rates (4%), a revamped customized training program designed to ensure companies have the necessary workforce, and affordable real estate, Missouri is a safe, low-cost choice for businesses.

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