Missouri’s Kansas City Region Ranks High for New Investment, Business Growth

Kansas City, Missouri, is high on the list for officials guiding where companies locate new offices and facilities, according to a new survey. The Missouri city was among 11 mid-sized cities listed as strong candidates for new projects in a survey by Development Counsellors International.

The survey of members of the Site Selectors Guild set out to gauge corporate location activity and changes in preferences as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Results showed that corporate location experts will stay away from large urban areas, with 100% of those surveyed saying that New York City would be among the least likely locations for projects in the next 12 months. Instead, 64% said it was “likely” or “highly likely” that they would look at suburban areas, with 57% favoring mid-sized urban areas and 31% favoring rural areas.

Missouri’s Kansas City region sits on the Missouri River, at the crossroads of four major interstates, three major highways and five Class 1 rail lines, and is served by the Kansas City International Airport. This combination of logistical assets offers direct connections to markets across North America and around the world.

The region is one of the two key automotive manufacturing hubs in Missouri, producing both the Ford F-150 and the Ford Transit vans. The Kansas City Region is also in the center of the Animal Health Corridor, a key area of strength for Missouri in the agtech and health innovation sectors.

Cerner, Hallmark and H&R Block call this area home, with more companies joining them all the time, especially in the areas of health innovation, logistics and financial services.

The region is known for its vibrant quality of life with the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals, the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, downtown and midtown entertainment and shopping districts, and an affinity for fine jazz and delicious food.

Put this all together and it is no wonder why Missouri’s Kansas City region is ranking highly among attractive destinations for companies looking to grow and invest.

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