Missouri Partnership CEO: Three Ways to Fill Your Talent Pipeline as Tech Workers Ditch the Coasts

Missouri Partnership CEO, Subash Alias, recently wrote an article for Entrepreneur that provides tips for finding talent. Find the full article here.

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Before the pandemic, the high cost of living on the coasts made tech workers question whether they wanted to stay. However, many of those states were also offering residents some of the highest-paying jobs. Everything seemed to balance out — at least until the pandemic started. Businesses such as Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter announced that they were going fully remote, and two-thirds of Bay Area workers decided they would relocate from Silicon Valley if they could continue to work from home.

As more companies commit to remote or hybrid workforces, employees in expensive coastal cities are moving to the Midwest and similar places where their salaries go further. According to research from Purpose Jobs, the Midwest is home to 7 out of the top 10 most affordable states in the U.S. These locations allow tech-sector workers to experience a better quality of life while earning the same.

Now that you know where workers in the tech sector are headed, you can start filling your pipeline with fresh talent. Here’s how:

  1. Talent might not come to you, so you need to go to them

Historically, tech workers lived where the jobs were. The pandemic upended many employment models and accelerated remote working trends. As tech workers relocate from densely populated urban areas with a high cost of living to achieve a better quality of life, you should consider following them.

To study migration patterns, check out the businesses helping them move. For example, U-Haul examines where one-way truck rentals begin and end. It can see where people are going and which places they’re leaving behind. In 2020, California was the most departed state by a wide margin. Comparatively, Midwestern states such as Ohio and Missouri ranked in the top 10 for growth.

There’s a tremendous amount of resistance to returning to offices. According to a study by Robert Half, 1 in 3 workers would quit if forced to return to the office every day. Employees want remote and hybrid jobs. If your company can’t support fully remote positions, consider exploring satellite or relocation opportunities as hybrid-inclined tech workers move or return to the Midwest.

Check out the full article from our CEO to learn more about ways to fill your talent pipeline.

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