Missouri Partnership CEO: How State Training Programs Can Help Companies Find Skilled Candidates

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Missouri Partnership CEO, Subash Alias, recently wrote an article for HR Daily Advisor on “How State Training Programs Can Help Companies Find Skilled Candidates.” Find the full article here.

In December, 2.9% of the American workforce voluntarily left their jobs. Additionally, there were more than 10 million job openings for 6 straight months as of January.

With so many workers leaving their jobs, companies should have a large talent pool to choose from. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Ever since the pandemic, workers’ expectations have increased, and because it’s a candidate’s job market, there are more available jobs than there are workers. Companies need to get creative when it comes to where to look for talent.

The key to solving ongoing hiring problems is exploring state training programs. These programs, which involve teaching individuals the skills they need for specific jobs, are a great way for employers to source talent. Many state programs aim to match the right employees with the right employers, making hiring significantly easier when the job market fluctuates.

State Training Program Benefits

Traditionally, many companies have struggled to recruit and retain employees because they overestimate the importance of college degrees. Not only does this result in rising wage inequality, but it also leads to competitive hiring for a small portion of the available talent pool. According to an article by Forbes, 54% of companies globally have reported talent shortages.

However, studies estimate there are 11 million non-college-educated workers who could perform high-wage work. Companies can solve the talent shortage and combat the Great Resignation by utilizing existing state workforce development programs. For these workforce training programs, states partner with employers, local community colleges, and other entities to help individuals gain the skills they need for available jobs.

Utilizing State Training Programs

Companies interested in tapping into state training programs should consider what opportunities are available. Here are four potential programs to explore:

• The Missouri One Start program involves colleges across the state, increases funding for training programs, and offers a single point of contact statewide for companies to reach out to for customized training. Missouri also ranks second for the most completed apprenticeships.

Check out the other programs Subash Alias mentions here.

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