Missouri Company with British Roots Wins Global Steel Excellence Award

Missouri has a strong and growing steel industry. And recently, award-winning.

Bull Moose Tube, headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, won the Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence in the Best Innovation – Product category. The product in question? Their hydrologic sprinkler pipe that uses advanced metallurgy to impart a stainless steel alloy layer onto the interior and exterior diameters of a low carbon steel core. This innovative technology creates an ultra-smooth surface that reduces resistance and pressure loss of water carried by the pipe.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized for our innovation in Hydrologic Sprinkler Pipe,” said Thomas A. Modrowski, President and CEO of Bull Moose Tube. “The team’s dedication to excellence and innovation earned this honor for our company and demonstrates that success happens in an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration among employees and with business partners and customers.”

The awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the global steel industry.

Bull Moose Tube is a subsidiary of Britain’s Caparo Bull Moose company, owned by Lord Swarj Paul, a member of the British House of Lords. “Ever since I came to Missouri, more than thirty years ago, I have enjoyed working with its business community,” said Lord Swarj Paul. “With our North American steel company, Caparo Bull Moose, headquartered in St. Louis, over the years we have made many friends across the state. This encouraged me to invest further, both in our tube manufacturing operations in Missouri, and to partner with local business leaders to help regenerate the great city of St. Louis through the Angad Arts Hotel and City Foundry development projects. I look forward to when I can return.”

Also named in the Awards was John Ferriola, former CEO of Nucor Corporation and the driver behind Nucor’s $250 million investment in Sedalia, Missouri. He was recognized as Advocate of the Year.

But the steel industry is not just in Chesterfield and Sedalia. Springfield, Missouri, is known as the stainless steel capital of the U.S. according to Site Section magazine, as most of the stainless steel tanks used in the food production and processing industries around the globe are manufactured in the Springfield region. St. Joseph just saw O’Neal Steel invest in the region for the first time. And Missouri S&T, in Rolla, is home to the Kent D. Peaslee Steel Manufacturing Research Center (PSMRC). PSMRC is a consortium of steel companies, foundries, suppliers and university researchers working together to address fundamental steel casting/manufacturing issues such as steelmaking, casting, product development, and environmental and safety issues.

No matter where you turn, there’s a reason Missouri’s steel industry is award-winning.

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