Irish Businesses Find Success in Missouri

Missouri is home to businesses from across the world. Our state prides itself on welcoming companies as they enter the U.S. market. Recently, our state has seen significant investment from Irish companies. Nearly 30 businesses from Ireland have a presence in Missouri, and business leaders in the state want to see even more. So they’re volunteering to coach and mentor Irish business executives interested in new opportunities in the state. Those mentors include our partners from the Missouri Department of Economic Development, AllianceSTL, Kansas City Area Development Council, KC Smart Port, and our very own CMO, Mark Sutherland.

“I’m blown away by this part of the United States of America,” Mark Redmond, Chief Executive of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland says. “We’re blown away by the spirit of enterprise, the sense of community, by the quality of the lifestyle you have here, by the connectivity. Quite frankly we feel at home here.”

In order to assist Irish companies as they assess Missouri as the next location for their business, the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland and Missouri Partnership released a handbook on investing in Missouri. They want to provide Irish businesses with plenty of resources so more companies from Ireland will consider expansion in the region.

Missouri already does considerable business with Ireland. The state exports more than $85 million worth of products and imports $48 million worth of Irish goods.

“It’s really, truly about partnership,” Missouri Governor Mike Parson says. “It’s, ‘How do both of our countries benefit? How does the state of Missouri benefit with Ireland when we make these trips?’ And what do you really get done, and how do we partner?”

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