Fintech Firm Finds New Home In Missouri

SwipeSum, a financial services technology firm, has announced the location of its new headquarters in the Laclede’s Landing neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. The company announced their decision to relocate to Missouri from the west coast in 2018.

“SwipeSum is a wonderful addition to Missouri’s thriving startup community,” said Missouri Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon. “The company recognized our business-friendly approach and the talent we have available in the region, and we look forward to supporting their continued growth and success in St. Louis.”

The company describes itself as a platform that helps merchants navigate the mess of credit card processing and its related services and fees, and was previously headquartered in Los Angeles.

“At that point, SwipeSum was just me and my brother, Stephen,” said SwipeSum CEO Michael Seaman. “He had been living here for a few years and convinced me to relocate to St. Louis so we could work from the same space. When I got here, I was blown away by what St. Louis had to offer.”

“If I stayed in LA, we would probably still be a two-man operation,” Seaman said, “St. Louis gave us access to top talent, great fundraising opportunities, and a surprisingly strong entrepreneurial ecosystem to support us.”

SwipeSum has made noise in the St. Louis startup scene over the past year, receiving multiple awards at St. Louis Startup Connection and being named an Arch Grants recipient in November. To close out their first year in St. Louis, SwipeSum announced the completion of their first funding round, receiving $1 million from local angel investors.

“SwipeSum has been a tremendous addition to the St. Louis startup ecosystem,” said Arch Grants Executive Director Emily Lohse-Busch. “From their first pitch, we could see the enthusiasm they had not only for their business but for the city they’ve made their home. We were proud to award SwipeSum an Arch Grant and look forward to seeing what more they can add to this community.”

“Missouri is thrilled that SwipeSum has chosen to land, and expand, in our state,” said Deborah Price with Missouri Partnership. “Our financial services strengths, and our vibrant ecosystem and support system for companies like SwipeSum is one of many reasons we are an attractive and competitive place to invest. We look forward to celebrating this great addition to the St. Louis region.”

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