Financial Services Technology Firm Relocates HQ To Missouri

SwipeSum, a financial services technology firm, announced it is relocating its headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri. The company describes itself as a platform that helps merchants navigate the mess of credit card processing and its related services and fees, and was previously headquartered in Los Angeles.

“As soon as I got to St. Louis, I saw that people from here are so passionate about the city,” said Michael Seaman, SwipeSum CEO and cofounder. “It’s a very hard-working and tight-knit community, so I realized if we moved here, we could actually achieve our goals.”

The company says it plans to add up to 30 new positions in the next six months, and hopes to add hundreds more in the coming years. According to officials, SwipeSum saved about $2.3 million on credit card service fees for its clients, in 2017.

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