Advanced Manufacturing Company to Invest in Macon, Missouri

Central Service and Supply, Inc., an advanced manufacturer headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, has announced the selection of Macon, Missouri, as the location of their new advanced manufacturing facility citing access to talent and logistical advantages as main reasons for their choice.

“We are extremely excited to expand into Missouri,” Adam Nolan, Vice President of Central Service and Supply, said. “We’ve operated out of Iowa for 44 years and had the privilege of working with a number of Missouri companies. We believe a physical Missouri location will solidify those existing relationship and help us establish new ones with vast numbers of aggregate producers located throughout the state.”

“We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the legislators and commissioners of the local and state governments,” Nolan continued. “The laws and programs passed toward infrastructure and economic development played a role in our decision to invest in Macon. We look forward to becoming a valuable member of the community.”

Central Service and Supply provides equipment and supplies to the mining and construction industries. The new 10,500 square foot facility will mirror the production capabilities of their Iowa facility, with the goal of increasing sales in Missouri and attracting new and existing manufacturing partners.

“Missouri’s talented workforce is a key reason we are an attractive state for advanced manufacturers of all sizes,” Missouri Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon said. “We are excited that Central Service and Supply is making a significant investment in Macon and that the entire community will benefit from this company’s growth. We look forward to supporting their success in Missouri.”

“We are excited that Central Service and Supply has chosen to expand by locating their new facility in Macon and we want to extend a warm welcome,” Sue Golder, Director of Macon County Economic Development, said. “We truly appreciate their investment, job creation, and commitment to the community, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as they expand and grow in Macon.”

The new facility will create seven new jobs and represents a capital investment of nearly $1 million. The facility is expected to be operational by July 2019, with hiring beginning in May.

“It was great to work with Central Service and Supply, Macon County Economic Development, Macon County, The City of Macon, and the Missouri Department of Economic Development on this attraction project,” Subash Alias, Interim CEO of Missouri Partnership, said. “These are great jobs for a great city and we are thrilled that the company saw the advantages of investing here for their future growth.”

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