EquipmentShare Expands with New HQ in Columbia, Missouri

EquipmentShare, a company providing digital solutions for the construction industry, recently announced plans to expand with a new corporate headquarters in Columbia, Missouri. The expansion represents $100 million in capital investment and is expected to create 555 new jobs in the region.

“EquipmentShare’s new headquarters is a major development for Columbia and great news for our state,” said Governor Mike Parson. “This innovative company is creating jobs, investing in its community, and having a nationwide impact. We’re proud to see EquipmentShare expanding and look forward to its continued success here in Central Missouri.”

EquipmentShare helps contractors work smarter through solutions to optimize job sites, including web applications, tracking hardware, machinery rental, and more. Founded in Columbia less than ten years ago, EquipmentShare now has more than 3,600 employees.

“We look forward to continuing to expand our company here in Columbia, Missouri,” said Jabbok Schlacks, CEO and Co-Founder of EquipmentShare. “When you’re able to start something really special in your hometown, you want it to grow there. We started with five people, and we’ve grown to more than 3,600. We appreciate the Midwest work ethic – that drive and grit you don’t see in a lot of places. We want to work with great people. The EquipmentShare campus is something everyone in this state can be proud of. Community matters. Investing in our people matters. We’re grateful our story will continue to grow with Columbia at its center.”

The company’s new headquarters will consist of a flagship office building, a research and development center and additional space for offices and retail.

“We are thrilled that EquipmentShare, a company that started here in 2014, has made the decision to expand their headquarters,” said Stacey Button, President of Regional Economic Development, Inc. “This expansion further demonstrates that Columbia is a great place for businesses to invest, expand and grow.”

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