Food Solutions Company Cuts the Ribbon on New Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri

Deli Star Corporation, a family-owned manufacturer of prepared meal proteins and deli solutions, cut the ribbon on its new headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The new facility represents more than $99 million in capital investment and will bring 475 jobs to Missouri.

“We are excited to welcome Deli Star Corporation to Missouri,” Governor Mike Parson said, when the project was announced. “Deli Star will bring nearly $100 million in investment to our state and create nearly 500 new jobs in the St. Louis region. Missouri is a great place for food sector companies like Deli Star to find success, and we look forward to seeing this company grow in our state and provide new opportunities for Missourians.”

The 110,000 sq. ft. facility will produce Deli Star’s world-class proteins, including sous-vide proteins, slow cooked meats, deli logs, protein salads, sauces, and plant-based proteins.

Headquartered for 34 years in Fayetteville, Illinois, Deli Star’s production facilities were destroyed by a fire in January 2021. The fire forced Deli Star executives to begin a search for new location opportunities, exploring local, regional, and out-of-state options. After an extensive, highly competitive search, Deli Star chose to continue business operations in the Greater St. Louis region, thanks in part to its highly skilled and available talent pool, low business costs, and world-class quality of living.

Because its new location in St. Louis City included an existing building, Deli Star was able to quickly resume its production operations after only a few months of renovations. The short turnaround allowed the company to get back to its valued customers and business sooner, as well as create new opportunities to expand and innovate.

The new facility is located just a few miles east of the company’s new Food Discovery Center, a unique food research and development hub. The close proximity of the two facilities will drive innovation and collaboration with local companies and organizations, including a new job training program with St. Louis Public Schools.

“We were very fortunate to work with our economic development partners to help bring Deli Star to Missouri, and keep it in the greater St. Louis region,” Missouri Partnership CEO Subash Alias said, when the project was announced. “Deli Star was approached by numerous states and communities as it began looking for a location to rebuild its headquarters. The fact that we were able to keep it in the region is a testament to the strengths of both our workforce, and our overall business climate. We have had a lot of interest by food processing companies here in Missouri. I look forward to seeing Deli Star Corporation thrive here in our state.”

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