Energy Solutions Company Announces New “Solar-Plus-Storage” Facilities in Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri-based Ameren Corporation recently announced plans to build the three largest investor-owned utility solar installations with energy storage in the state. The announcement marks the first energy company in the Midwest powering its customers’ homes with batteries.

“The installations will be the first-of-their-kind facilities in the state and among only a handful of solar-plus-storage facilities in the Midwest,” the company said in a release.

The plants will be built in Green City, Richwoods, and Uticah, with each plant generating 10MWsolar capacity, and an unspecified output and capacity of battery energy storage.

Ameren officials said the plan to build the solar capacity with batteries is an “innovative, cost-effective solution to help maintain reliable energy service in rural communities.”

“If an outage is detected, solar energy stored in batteries will help keep your lights on,” Ameren said in a release.

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